Please vote for your local Lib Dem candidate on 4th May

Todd Olive picture

Todd Olive for Whimple & Rockbeare

I’ve lived here in Whimple for nearly fifteen years. I grew up here, went to school here, and got my first job here. It’s my home – and I want to see the best for it, for my neighbours, for the community.

My background, professionally and in the academic world, is in sustainable development – planning policy, climate change and the environment, and much more besides: the challenges of today that we need to work through for a better, brighter future tomorrow.
Getting to grips with how Whimple & Rockbeare, and more broadly East Devon, move into that future is absolutely core to my motivation to run for East Devon District Council – as well as my belief in the fundamental values of democracy, and the importance of transparency and accountability in the elected representatives that act on our behalf.

I believe I have the expertise and commitment to take these challenges head-on on your behalf, and as a young person that I am ideally placed to do do – so I hope you will lend me your support, and your vote, on 4th May
It would be an honour to be elected to serve as your representative for Whimple and Rockbeare.