Exeter City Council: Topsham

Strengthen the Lib Dem Team on Exeter City Council

Christine Campion

Christine is a committed and experienced campaigner. Her priorities are:
To improve and protect the environment around Topsham and Exeter,
To protect and invest in community spaces across the City and to campaign against Labour's disastrous over-development of our city
To fight for better investment in our schools, health service and police force

Let's stop Topsham being taken for granted. For too long Topsham has been taken for granted by both the Conservatives and Labour. Conservative Councillors have failed to stand up for local residents and the Labour-led City Council have ignored the wishes of those who live in Topsham. Whether it be Topsham Gap developments or Fire Station closure, the voice of Topsham isn't being heard. This has to stop.

Topsham deserves a Councillor that will stand up for local people and speak out when needed and that is what I will do.