Please vote for your local Lib Dem candidates on 4th May

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Marianne Rixson for Sidford

For the past eight years, I have stood as an Independent However, whilst working with the Lib Dems and others over the last three years, I have been delighted to find we have many common aims.    As a result, we have formed a very harmonious working relationship

Based on my East Devon experience, I firmly agree with the Liberal Democrats that local government should be “competent, powerful and free”. This key issue has  decided me to stand with them at the election on 4th May 

I am convinced that working co-operatively, we are not only increasing East Devon’s democracy but crucially, in this time of climate change, the protection of our precious countryside and biodiversity, and energy efficient changes, can be achieved more rapidly

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Lisa Garner for Sidford

I currently work as an NHS clinician within community mental health services and have thirty years’ experience in Health and Social Care. 

I think being part of community is very important for all of us. I enjoy getting involved in local activities and support networks. I also enjoy bird watching and appreciating our beautiful environment and quirky historical buildings. I have a daughter and two grandchildren.

I believe in local decision making, proactively representing the views of local residents.  My late partner was an EDDC Councillor for a number of years, so I know the commitment and work required to be a local representative. 

I love our special part of East Devon and it would be an  honour to be elected by you to represent Sidford

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