East Devon District Council Lib Dem candidate

East Devon District Council Andrew Colman is standing to be re-elected as an East Devon District Councillor.

Exmouth Town Council

Your Liberal Democrat candidates for seats on Exmouth Town Council are Andrew Colman and Ann Membery



Andrew Colman for Brixington

Andrew has lived in Brixington with his wife for twenty years and works as a climate scientist in Exeter. His specialism includes encouraging local communities in sub-Saharan Africa to maximise their water resources against increasing drought. As a long-time Liberal Democrat, he believes in local decision-making wherever possible, with a strong voice for towns like Exmouth. He was proud to be elected to represent Brixington on both the District and Town Councils in 2019. He was a founder member of the Democratic Alliance which, since 2020, has provided a non-Conservative alternative administration by working together with other parties and groups. He would honoured to be given the opportunity to represent Brixington again, if elected on 4 May.

Ann Membery for Brixington

Ann and her husband have lived in Exmouth for twelve years. She has been a member of a doctors’ surgery patient group for eleven years. As their treasurer, she keeps up to date with changes happening in the NHS and is particularly concerned about the lack of local NHS dentists. Having campaigned against developments on our seafront which have sacrificed local facilities and wasted a significant amount of taxpayers’ money, she is determined to prevent this mismanagement in future. Ann is committed to giving local people a voice and to protecting our local environment from pollution and the destruction of natural habitats. While urgent action is needed to fill poholes, she would also press for action on pavement repairs. She would be honoured to serve as a town councillor for Brixington.