We would like to thank everyone for their support.


Its been an interesting election, the first which demanded the unnecessary voter ID. Fortunately not many of our residents were turned away, and almost all returned to vote. However it did throw up some of the problems, for example a young woman whose passport was in her maiden name, but her election details were in her married name. In other areas, nurses and policemen couldn't use their ID, which allowed them to administer medications or arrest people, but was not sufficient ID to vote.


In total we got 2615 votes for Liberal Democrats, and with the two independent ladies being elected with 2250 between them, I think it is fair to say Budleigh and Raleigh ward isn't a Conservative stronghold any longer.

As Town Councillors (Penny and Catriona) we will work collaboratively with our District Councillors to ensure Budleigh and the villages are well represented..

Penny, Jed, & Catriona thank you
Penny Lewis

Penny Lewis for Budleigh & Raleigh

I have lived in the town for over 30 years, where I brought up my children. Now retired, I previously worked in the NHS, locally and nationally. Clinically I worked with both children and older people. Later in my career I specialised in leadership and organisational development. I also taught in higher education. I am committed to fair and transparent decisions which take into account the unintended consequences we too often see ignored.

I am a Green Liberal Democrat and I also worked locally to support the community‚Äôs response to the pandemic. 

I would like to encourage more engagement with the community and people of all ages in Budleigh and the surrounding villages.  

Jed Falby for Budleigh & Raleigh

Previously I served as an 'Independent' at EDDC which was  a lonely stance. Now a little older and a little wiser I ask for your vote as a Liberal Democrat. I shall be working with colleagues with similar views and values, especially on environmental issues, and to achieve a more democratic, stronger voice for all of our local needs.

I still work in TV as an Art Director but am also a Devon woodsman producing building quality timber. I think Brexit has proved to be our worst decision in a long time and  I hope  to help our farmers, fishermen and forestry workers access to the next-door markets in Europe which would bring in investment right here in East Devon.

Catriona Cunningham for Budleigh & Raleigh

I have lived in East Devon (both Colaton Raleigh and Budleigh Salterton) for 22 years, raising my children in this beautiful part of the country. It is crucial the East Devon countryside and coast line is safeguarded and maintained for our children, families and future generations, our environment is so important. 

I am proud to have worked in the NHS for almost 40 years. During a tough 3 years our local NHS staff have done an amazing job, despite all the challenges. I believe passionately in good local services for local communities.

I have experience of working  collaboratively across public and voluntary  organisations.  If elected to EDDC I would bring those skills to the table.